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Tappeto Magico is a HTML preprocessor written in Perl optimized for generating a large scale website. (can be used also for small website) You can define a website in a project file or further define the website into sections.

You can also create a tag file and a definition file for consistent content. Tag and definition will be substituted according to priority.

Instead of like many other HTML processors that insert include files (something like header and footer files), Tappeto Magico use a mechanism that insert content into template. Which makes possible of REAL content and layout separation. Template file can be made by text editor or WYSIWYG editor. With no_template option, you can still use the same tag and definition but without merging with a template file. It's good for the first page (if you've something like an introduction page with different layout) or a page with flash.

Only updated files will be processed by default, which saves you time when processing a large scale website. Optionally you can process all files whose template files have been modified or process all the source files, you can also explicitely state which file to process.

Tappeto Magico is designed to be simple to use, so you'll not need days to learn before actually using it. With user define input and output directories, multiple version of the same source files can be produced easily. You can make different versions for different browsers, all you need to change is the template file, which is nearly a normal HTML file that you can also edit with WYSIWYG editor.


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