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1. What does Tappeto Magico mean?
Tappeto Magico is an Italian word meaning "Magic Carpet"

2. What does "vola" mean?
Vola is an Italian word meaning "Fly", it's a command to the Magic Carpet(the script)

3. What does "Preppy" mean?
It's the nickname of Tappeto Magico. It's a name suggested by Mr.Somebody as he said my script needs a name like those for a dog, easy to remember. Preppy is abbreviation(our convention) standing for HTML preprocessor.

4. How to use it?
Click on manual and you'll see instruction.

5. Are there any example?
This website is created with Tappeto Magico. It's included in the download file, you can try to generate with the command "./vola preppy.vpj".

6. Are there any other HTML preprocessors?
Sure. You can search in any search engine for them. You'll find dozens of HTML preprocessor

7. What made Tappeto Magico unique from other HTML preprocessors?
I tried many other HTML preprocessors, but none of them suit my requirement and my style of making webpages, so I decided to write my own. It's unique(for me) as it solves all my problems.

8. Where can I find help?
You can write email to me. If there is time, I'll answer to your question about preppy.

9. Does it work in Windows?
Preppy is developed with FreeBSD, so it'll work in all unix-like systems. I've also tested it with Uwin in windows, it worked fine. But I didn't test it with Perl from Active-state.


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